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The Mason Jar and Cupcake in Eagan,MN

My mom and I spent the day shopping in the Twin Cities and really lucked out on two great dining experiences. Read about our lunch here.

We chose Cupcake, using TripAdvisor, based on location. We just finished up at the Twin Cities Premium Outlet Center in Eagan and we were looking for a little sweet treat to enjoy.

We planned to nosh on a cupcake and have a cup of coffee so imagine our surprise when we discovered that The Mason Jar shared the retail space so we could grab dinner AND a sweet treat. This place was too cute to not try out, never-you-mind that we weren’t all that hungry.  Check out the details:

Whisk handle on the door to enter Cupcake.

Door Details-Whisk at Cupcake in Eagan, MN

Whisk Lighting
Interior at Cupcake in Eagan, MN

Each table had mason jars of different sizes. This was ours. I wanted to take it home with me but did not. I promise.
Table Decorations at The Mason Jar: a Terrarium in a Mason Jar

The window next to our table at The Mason Jar. The entire restaurant looked the same along the windows.
Window Decorations at The Mason Jar

The ceiling more mason jars!
Mason Jar Lighting at The Mason Jar in Eagan, MN

The theme of The Mason Jar “bringing comfort to life” Mission accomplished!!

The menu starts with dessert! I mean, how cool is that????

I ordered the Veggie Burger ( house made black bean quinoa patty on a seeded bun with guacamole and topped with Chipotle Aioli), then I changed my mind mid sentence and ordered the 10,000 Lakes Pot Pie (roasted chicken, mushrooms, potato, wild rice, and corn topped with cheddar) , then asked the waitress which she would order. I’m sure the wait staff loves this questions (sarcasm). She said either would be a really good choice. So I settled on the Veggie Burger and then nearly ran her down to the other side of the room changing my mind and re-ordered the 10,000 Lakes Pot Pie. I’m glad I did. Look at this beauty.

10,000 Lakes Pot Pie at The Mason Jar in Eagan, MN

10,000 Lakes Pot Pie at The Mason Jar in Eagan, MN

10,000 Lakes Pot Pie at The Mason Jar in Eagan, MN

Steak Sandwich at The Mason Jar in Eagan MN

My mom ordered the Steak Sandwich, which is out of character for her but it was calling to her. The meat was so tender and chewable- sometimes not always the case but luckily, it was in this instance! My dad totally enjoyed her leftovers when she brought them home.
Steak Sandwich at The Mason Jar in Eagan MN

The reason there were leftovers at all for either of us is the sweet treat that brought us here in the first place!! The cupcakes looked amazing, but so did this brownie. It was a great choice!
Brownie at Cupcake in Eagan, MN


While we started out only seeking a sweet treat and a cupcake we decided this little gem was too cute to pass up. So glad we did! In researching Cupcake so I could write this blog post, I learned that Cupcake was the winner of Cupcake Wars on The Food Network- watch the crowning victory here!

They even serve drinks at The Mason Jar. Can’t wait to go back!



  1. Jeni / JeniEats (@JeniEats)

    September 11, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Looks delicious. I love the whisk decor.

    1. Kelly & Dusty- Dining Duster

      September 14, 2016 at 12:03 pm

      It was so cute and of course my pictures don’t do it justice.

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