About Us

Hi there! We’re Kelly & Dusty. We live in Minnesota and love to take road trips near and far. We’re typically dining, drinking, and discovering Minnesota and our surrounding states in the Midwest. We also love to take advantage of a cheap flight to check out someplace new.

Who is Dining Duster?

This is a travel diary of both of us but Dining Duster is named after Dusty, who among other names, is nicknamed Duster. We love to dine out. Dining Duster was born. But we also love to dine, drink and discover. That’s what you’ll find here- our experiences of dining, drinking and discovering. We’re also proud to say that we’re book authors. Click here to learn more.

Dine. Drink. Discover.

Dining– you can bet we’ll find a local restaurant to try out. We’ve been plant-based since 2017 so we’re looking for vegan restaurant options. We love the vegan food scene in Duluth, MN, and along the beautiful North Shore. Duluth is a great example of how easy it can be to find plant-based dining options. Depending on the location, it can be challenging to find plant-based options in some destinations but we can usually find a way. For example, we assumed it would be a challenge to find non-meat options in Medora, ND but we were wrong!

Drinking– We love to try out local breweries and even wineries. We enjoy a “brewery weekend” with friends and family. Check out our itineraries for Rochester, MN, or the Twin Cities.

Discovering– We love to check out what the area has to offer. This could include beautiful scenery like on a trip to Alaska, a botanical garden, a unique attraction, or a museum.

Even if we hop on a plane, you can bet we’ll likely road trip for some dining, drinking, and discovering. We also love to snag a travel deal through the use of credit card points and our favorite travel website, Thrifty Traveler.

Batch cooking at home is a big part of our lives. We’ll occasionally share our tried & true recipes such as our favorite vegan queso cheese. Without exaggeration, this cheese has been in our refrigerator since going plant-based in 2017. We also have a great recipe for canned bloody mary mix and a homemade fruit fly trap that works without fail

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Thanks for being here!

We appreciate that you found us. If there is anything you’re looking for but can’t find here, contact us below. Don’t hesitate to message us if you’re looking for a recommendation!