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Canning Recipe for Bloody Mary Juice

This is the second year we’ve made homemade Bloody Mary Mix.  We do all of our salsa canning with a friend and he’s pretty much salsa’d out so we all agreed that after tasting our bloody mary mix from last year, that we had to give it another try this year.

We scoured Pinterest for the best Bloody Mary recipes and settled on this one from Real Food RN. Great blog by the way, check it out!

We experimented a bit further with this batch of Bloody Mary’s and instead of cooking down all the cut vegetables and then blending to remove all the chunks we decided to JUICE our vegetables first then simply simmer the juiced ingredients in the roasting pan for a minimum of 2 hours.

Juicer that we used.

We washed and cored all of our tomatoes not an exciting part of the job but it has to be done.
Vegetable Prep

We had three people working on this Bloody Mary Juice so we had stations- washing/coring, cutting the vegetables and then juicing and pouring into the roaster.


The nice part about juicing everything is that we did a quick wash of all the other vegetables that went into the juice and then roughly quartered them so that they’d fit into the mouth of the juicer.
Vegetable Prep

Of course we cut the rinds off the lemons. We didn’t have the fresh horseradish so we used bottled creamy horseradish.
Vegetable Prep

We made our grocery list and checked it twice but when we started the prep work for the vegetables we realized that we forgot the brown sugar. Alas, we did have sugar and molasses on hand (what?) so we quickly made some brown sugar and all was right with the recipe. The original recipe that we were following called for coconut sugar, but a quick check on Google let us know that brown sugar would serve as a fine substitute.

Homemade Brown Sugar

The juicing of everything took the longest we juiced, juiced and juiced and then we juiced some more. Our recipe was for a half-bushel of tomatoes.

JuicingJuiced Veges in the Roaster

We were a bit worried in the beginning because of all the foam that settled on the top but it boiled off the more it simmered.

Greens on Top of Reds

We realized that we forgot to add the parsley so when it was added at the end of all the juicing it formed this fun pattern on the top.

Because we used a juicing method we weren’t exactly sure how long to simmer so we had a few beers and grilled some dinner then returned to the roaster and decided it was time to begin the canning process.

Water Bath

Homemade Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Mary Mix Complete

We made just over 13 quarts of Bloody Mary mix. This makes a very thin mix that needs to be shaken before serving, but don’t go expecting a thick pulpy drink. The taste is amazing and the best part about it is that you can pronounce all the ingredients used in this excellent recipe.

In case you were wondering… The white chunks in the mix is a combination of horseradish and chopped garlic cloves DELISH!

Here is a list of supplies that we used.

Breville Juicer
Nesco Roaster
Canning Bath Kit
Wide Mouth Canning Jars

If you have a favorite Bloody Mary recipe, PLEASE share it with us!!

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