WFPB Recipes

WFPB Recipes

Whole-Food Plant-Based No Oil Recipes

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When we’re on a road trip we love to dine, drink and discover wherever we’re at. Though we are whole-food, plant-based at home we definitely eat vegan when we’re on a road trip. At home, we stay away from overly processed or deep-fried foods.

When we’re on a road trip,  we’ll eat things like Impossible Burgers and deep-fried french fries (they’re hard to resist). Here’s a link to our vegan food guides from places we’ve traveled.

At home, we like to keep it clean and eat as healthily as we can. Preparation is key, batching comes into play here for us as well as a list of our favorite recipes.

People switch to a plant-based diet for many reasons. Read more about why we decided to make the change.

Our favorite plant-based recipes and kitchen staples

We utilize batch cooking so that we can grab and go throughout the week. Our instant pot definitely gets a workout, as we use it multiple times throughout the week to help simplify the cooking process.

WFPB Appetizer Recipes:

  • Vegan Nachos  This post contains recipes for cauliflower taco meat and queso-style vegan cheese. Hardly a week goes by when this cheese isn’t in our refrigerator.


Drink Recipes: