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Q.Cumbers Salad Bar in Edina, Minnesota

This past fall we found a great salad bar in Edina called Q. Cumbers. They have a very large seating area that is nice and spread out so it’s really a nice dining experience for a buffet setting. They advertise a 50 foot salad bar and we knew we wanted to check that out! We’ve been there a few times this past fall and we always request a table by the windows because there is a beautiful view of the Centennial Lakes Park. It was especially pretty in the fall.

My picture really does not do the salad bar any justice at all.  There was a great selection of lettuces, toppings and then prepared salads – here is a sampling that I pulled from their website

Q. Cumbers 50 ft. Salad Bar

Here are the prepared salad choices you can expect to find on the buffet:
Q. Cumbers Salad Choices

Here is a list of the soups you can expect to find on the buffet:
Q. Cumbers Soup Menu

As if the salad bar, soup bar and dessert bar isn’t enough, they also have an entrée buffet with hot food choices:

Q. Cumbers Entree MenuQ. Cumbers Entree Menu

Salad Bar & African Peanut Soup

Saved a little room for dessert. They had tons of fruit and candy toppings to add to your ice cream

After all that delicious food we took a walk around the “lake” in the back. This is the most charming area of the city, in my opinion.

Ice Cream Sundae Q.Cumbers

Centennial Lakes Park- Edina, MN

The paddle boats were already pulled out of the little lake for the winter.

Centennial Lakes Park- Edina, MN

My salad was amazing and the black bean soup was delicious.

We totally recommend eating here if you are in the area. We plan to go back, as much as we hate to repeat restaurants but it really is perfect for a quick and healthy lunch.

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