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Salad and Soup Lunch at Zuppa Cucina in Shakopee, MN

My mom and I went to the Twin Cities on a shopping trip and pretty much planned to make lunch our first stop. I knew my mom would enjoy Zuppa Cucina in Shakopee because she prefers soup and salad for lunch and that is a nice way to start a long day of shopping.

This is my second time eating at Zuppa Cucina in Shakopee, MN and I can’t get over the fact that: 1. I never knew this place existed and 2. The line is 10 people deep at all times! I am the only person who didn’t know about this place.

If you’re reading this- now you know, too!!  I learned from their website that Zuppa Cucina has been in business for 13 years in Shakopee, MN Where have I been?

Don’t worry about the lines I mentioned. It’s A La Cart and very well organized. You can grab a menu to help decide or read the big menu on the wall. You order and they deliver at your table in a very timely manner.

I’ve yet to take pictures of anything than my food but really, what else is there?!

I ordered the Italian Chopped Salad: Italian chopped salad with chicken, pasta, tomatoes, smoked bacon, sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, red onion, gorgonzola, and croutons tossed in an Italian vinaigrette. In a word, AMAZING!

At the last minute, I threw on a cup of Wild Rice Soup. I really shouldn’t have ordered that because the salad is very filling and I ordered the 1/2 size! It’s a great value and delicious.

Italian Chopped Salad at Zuppa Cucina in Shakopee, MN

Every bit of that salad was divine. Just the right amounts of everything- the homemade croutons were so good. The pasta was not overwhelming so that it still felt like a healthy salad. You need to  do yourself a favor and click on that photo and get a close up of all those delicious salad ingredients.

The soup was OK. I am a big wild rice fan and this was not the best I’ve had but it was good. The photo makes it look thicker than it was- it was very creamy but in a rich sort of way. This was creamy but in a “I hope this agrees with me while I’m out shopping today” sort of way.

Dusty has yet to enjoy Zuppa Cucina and one of these times we’re going to make a special point to stop by and grab a bite to eat together. Shakopee is on our way to and fro the Twin Cities so we travel through frequently.

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