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Great Sandwiches, Lola- An American Bistro

Lola- An American Bistro in New Ulm, MN is lucky to have a few great restaurants and Lola- An American Bistro is one of them.

It’s becoming our favorite lunch spot when we go to New Ulm. We have not yet tried dinner but imagine it to be great!

It’s a small but powerful menu. We like to eat here because you order at the counter,  grab a seat and a fresh meal is delivered to you very quickly. Enjoy a beer or a pop as well as ice cold water with cucumber while you wait!

When Dusty and I eat out we typically order something that both will like so that we can share it- halfsies!!! Sometimes it works, sometimes we just stick to our own plate but this time we both thought these sandwiches looked good so we were happy to share.

This Chicken Torta sandwich goes down as one of the best sandwiches I have enjoyed in a long time. Adobo roast chicken, guacamole, roast tomato, pickled jalapeños, black bean corn salsa & chili-lime crema on ciabatta. YUM!!!

Sandwich at Lola in New Ulm, MN

I had the Roasted Veggie Dagwood which consisted of zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, roasted tomatoes, sweet tomato confit, black olives & whipped goat cheese. So good!!!!! It was such a delicious combination of vegetables and the goat cheese just made it creamy and delicious.
Sandwich at Lola in New Ulm, MN

All of their sandwiches are served with their homemade pickles,  sliced paper thin. They are so good and unlike other restaurant pickles. I can’t put my finger on the flavorings but they are not ordinary pickles.

We love this place- the phrase ” So many restaurants, so little time” really resonates with us but some places are worth repeating- Lola is definitely one of them! We highly recommend eating here and plan to do so again!

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