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Fantastic Father’s Day Lunch @ Dino’s Pizzeria- N. Mankato, MN

If there’s one thing you can always count on at Dino’s Pizzeria, it’s that’ you’re going to have a great experience! The ingredients are always fresh, it always tastes a little better than you imagined and the service is always attentive and good. Perfect reasons to celebrate Father’s Day at Dino’s.

One kind of cool thing about Dino’s is that they switch out menu items. The reason it’s not always cool is when you fall in love with an item that gets switched out for something new and wonderful. You can check out the full menu for yourself

From past experience, we know how incredible the Greek Dip is so we ordered that appetizer to start with. It’s a huge serving, more than it looks so it’s the perfect sharable item. It’s warm and delicious with the fresh, cool toppings and it’s just divine. So much flavor- that’s what you get when the ingredients are fresh!

Since it is so warm today a salad sounded really good to me. I ordered the Mediterranean Salad and it was incredibly good. The dressing is intensely flavorful which is just a wonderful addition to all of the vegetables on the salad. A bonus for me- my sister ordered the same salad and added chicken to hers and gave me her leftovers so I will be eating salad all day today!

Dusty couldn’t join our family for this meal as he is in the middle of his week of working overnights so I did surprise him with a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich- my dad ordered the same thing and he said it was very good. I have no doubt Dusty will enjoy that.

Greek Dip @ Dino's Pizzeria, North Mankato, MN

Greek Dip Toppings: Roma tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives and cucumbers @ Dino’s Pizzeria- North Mankato, MN

Mediterranean Salad @ Dino's Pizzeria- North Mankato, MN

Mediterranean Salad- red onion, roasted red peppers, pine nuts, feta cheese, artichoke hearts

Baked Buffalo Ranch Salad @ Dino's Pizzeria- North Mankato, MN

Baked Buffalo Ranch Sandwich @ Dino’s Pizzeria- North Mankato, MN

Unfortunately, we left no room for dessert. It was a great meal, great atmosphere and the company was great, too! It’s so nice to have great, local restaurants like Dino’s Pizzeria in town.

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