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Breakfast at The Original Pancake House- Eden Prairie, MN

I (Kelly) headed to the metro area today to meet up with a friend and since all things social revolve around food and….well you gotta eat…. we decided to go grab a bite to eat! We were in the Eden Prairie area and the #1 restaurant according to Trip Advisor is The Original Pancake House so the choice was obvious.

We were immediately seated at a cozy booth for 2 and started with coffee and started talking, not even looking at the menu. The waitress knew to stop back in a little bit, that we were going to have some coffee and chit chat for a bit first and we’d order later. Suddenly, the same waitress delivered something to a neighboring table and my friend, Amy, literally stared with her mouth open because whatever was on that plate looked THAT good! We laughed and said we should order it. Amy thought I was joking and I wasn’t joking so we ordered it.

What our neighboring table ordered was the Apple Pancake. The waitress warned that it takes about 35 minutes to prepare and we told her that was not a problem for us. It’s a pancake that is oven baked and filled with Granny Smith Apples and pure Sinkiang cinnamon glaze. I’ve personally never heard of Sinkiang and when I googled it, I was brought back to Trip Advisor with reviews on the exact Apple Pancake that we ordered. It’s basically a special kind of cinnamon.

In a word, this was DIVINE!  It was huge- as big as the platter! Now do you understand why Amy stared at the next table with her mouth open in shock?!

Apple Pancake- House Speciality

For reference, here it is with Amy in the background- notice her plate and hands and how much bigger the Apple Pancake is?

Apple Pancake- House Speciality

We sat and talked some more and picked away at the Apple Pancake and let me tell you, the center part where all the Sinkiang is was so good.
Apple Pancake

We sat there for several hours talking picking away at this Apple Pancake but somehow still managed to take a healthy portion home. I have this to look forward to in the morning while I enjoy a cup of coffee.

It was a great couple of hours spent at the Original Pancake House- our waitress didn’t mind that we took up a booth in her section for nearly 3 hours and when Amy mentioned a peanut allergy, the manager personally came over to explain that it’s not cooked in peanut oil but that peanut oil powder is an ingredient but that it is so minuscule that it would likely not affect her unless she had a very severe allergy, which she does not. He even stopped back to see how it was and to make sure Amy was OK.

It was a hasty decision (on my part) to order the Apple Pancake without looking at the rest of the menu but the waitress assured us it was a good decision and she wasn’t wrong. The menu looked very good so it looks like we’ll just have to go back for another visit to try more menu options.

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