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A Fun Lunch at Crooked Pint Ale House- Chaska, MN

I had a fun lunch with friends in Chaska, MN- such a cute and charming little community.

The Crooked Pint is huge and seats a lot of people and happens to be attached to a Curling Club, so you can sit and watch people curling while you sit at the bar.
We started with some bloody mary’s and sampled a few of the beers. The beer menu is quite extensive and they are happy to bring samples of anything so you can make up your mind. We tried Goose Island (really good), Surly Furious (good) and Cowbell (a little on the bitter side).

beer samples- Crooked Pint, Chaska

Bloody Mary- Crooked Pint, Chaska

It was happy hour so we ordered some sweet potato fries and poutine- both were delicious. The poutine was especially good.
Poutine- Crooked Pint, Chaska

Sweet Potato Fries- Crooked Pint, Chaska

We ordered flatbread pizza and Asian Pork Tacos (also a burger that is not pictured) and everything was delicious- the Asian Pork Tacos were a bit spicy- had never ordered those before so that was a bit unexpected. Dusty brought the leftovers of those to work and he really enjoyed them. The Flatbread pizza was super flavorful.

Asian Pork Tacos- Crooked Pint, Chaska

I would totally go back to take in the beautiful park and it would be really fun to sit on the patio to enjoy some appetizers.

As an aside, as we drove to the restaurant, we passed a little town square and there was a wedding taking place as we drove by. As I’m typing this, I had a total flashback to the town square in Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls. Can you picture it? See, I told you it was charming…..

We ended up parking on the wrong street and walked a few blocks down the charming little area on our way to Crooked Pint. We passed an adorable little antique shop on the walk so we stopped

As we were leaving the antique shop the wedding party whom I mentioned in the start was now making their way across the street with a 2 or 3 piece band- honestly, the only instrument I recognized was the tuba. It was cute and fun to watch/ The wedding party and their guests all walked a few blocks to the music and we all ended up crossing the street together because the Crooked Pint is part of a huge community center- it was a really neat area and I’d love to go back in the summertime. Here’s a bit about what there is to see. I’d love to visit again with Dusty later this summer.

Park Amenities A newly developed park to serve generations to come! Check out the many stunning views of the Chaska clayhole. Spend a peaceful moment sitting and enjoying the beautiful colors in the flower gardens throughout the park. Enjoy watching your children play and run through the interactive water fountains. We have something for everyone! • Clayhole Swimming beach • Canoe, paddleboard and bicycle rentals • Boardwalk • Multiple picnic areas to enjoy • Concession area with various refreshments • Amazing new playgrounds • Archery range and horseshoe pits

Firemans Park- Chaska, MN

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