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A Lovely Birthday Dinner at Number 4

We celebrated a birthday dinner at Number 4 for our niece, Morgan, who turned eleven this week. Morgan chose to celebrate at Number 4.  Morgan chose Number 4 because she thinks they serve the best chicken strips around. LOL.  I somehow doubt that chicken strips are what Number 4 wants to be known for.

Number 4 is such a great restaurant to have in Mankato and we love eating here. Because the menu changes out every now and again (seasonally?) it can be a bummer to see your favorite meal. The good news is you can bet money that it will be replaced with something you’ll love just as much!  What we love the most about eating here is that the meals are unique in some way. As a result, the meals are always more delectable than you’d imagined them to be. French fries aren’t just french fries, they’re thinly cut and topped with truffle oil and a side of aioli. Bang Bang Shrimp isn’t just shrimp, it’s perfectly cooked & crispy shrimp on a delicious bed of crispy, Asian Slaw. So, my point is, no matter what you order, you know it’s going to be a special meal.

As I said, the menu items change frequently and I said how good the Bang Bang shrimp is. I just gasped when I checked the online menu because I didn’t see them listed. My girlfriends and I would meet on occasional Wednesday nights for the Wednesday special Bang Bang Shrimp and Table Side Guacamole.

burgerDusty ordered the Chorizo Burger with Avocado and Pickled Chili. He thought it was really good- it had a nice kick to it and the smoothness of the avocado was unexpected.

I (Kelly) had the Coconut Chicken Salad. Coconut crusted chicken breast tossed with mixed greens, mandarin oranges, strawberries, Julienne red onion and a honey Dijon mustard dressing. It was so good sweet and savory with the tender chicken. I would absolutely order it again.
Coconut Chicken Salad at Number 4- Mankato, MN

Although I did not get a picture of Morgan’s chicken strips, I did snap a photo of the impressive dessert. Morgan chose the triple chocolate truffle cake – this is a girl after my own heart!! It was delightful and shared by all 8 of us.
Birthday dinner at Number 4 Mankato, MN

Here is a closeup of the dessert.
Dessert at Number 4- Mankato, MN

We had another suburb experience, including service, and I speak for both of us when I say we’ll be back soon!

As an aside, the owners of Number 4 also own Dino’s Pizzeria, The Tav, The Neighbors and they recently acquired a BBQ restaurant in St. Peter that has been renamed 3rd Street Tavern. Lone Star is a great restaurant the way it is, we can only imagine how the Mankato Independent Originals group will put their twist on it and make it even better!

Here is a post we wrote about Dino’s Pizzeria

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