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Tour the Historic Hubbard House in Mankato, MN

If you enjoy taking in some history on a road trip and are looking for things to do in Mankato, MN then you will want to tour the historic Hubbard House.

We have really enjoyed touring historic homes. The craftsmanship and details are simply unmatched. The homes are actually unique, in comparison to cookie-cutter houses that are built today. It’s also interesting to learn about the families that built these beautiful homes. 

Tour the Historic Hubbard House in Mankato, MN

The style of the R. D. Hubbard House is Victorian and is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places as well as a Mankato Heritage Preservation Landmark. 

The home was built as a private residence for Mankato businessman, Rensselaer D. Hubbard in 1871. Now known as The Hubbard House, this style of home is considered a French Second Empire and was designed by Silas Barnard.

Rensselaer D. Hubbard founded Hubbard Milling in the late 1800s which still operates today under the name Ridley.

The Hubbard House is mentioned in the book we helped write, Midwest Road Trip Adventures and you can purchase here or on Amazon (affiliate link).

About the R.D. Hubbard House

Some interesting facts about the Hubbard House are that it was the first home in Mankato to have indoor plumbing, electricity, and a telephone! Imagine building a home as grand as this 16- room mansion, a Carriage House, and a Victorian Garden. 

Also interesting, this home was only ever occupied by the Hubbard Family until 1938 at which time it was, and still is operated by the Blue Earth County Historical Society. 

The property also has a beautiful Victorian Garden. The Twilight Garden Club maintains beautiful gardens. The Hubbard House Gardens is a popular location for graduation, engagement, and wedding photos. The property also has an adjoining Carriage House that was built in 1890 and still has a collection of horse-drawn carriages and antique cars that belonged to the family.

Take in the History

While self-guided tours have a time and place, we like that the Hubbard House offers guided tours. It means you get to hear the history from a guide that is knowledgeable about the history of the house. You’ll hear facts that you otherwise wouldn’t get on a self-guided tour. It’s also fun that the guides are dressed in the period of the 1890s.

The Hubbard House also hosts various themed events throughout the year. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Take a Walk

The Hubbard House is in a beautiful and historic part of Mankato. We recommend taking a drive or walk down South Broad Street to the Washington Park and Lincoln Park Neighborhoods for views of more historical homes. You’ll also find another house that you can tour, the Betsy-Tacy House, which was home to famed author Maud Hart Lovelace.

If you’re looking for other things to do in Mankato, we suggest taking the self-guided Walking Sculpture Tour. The sculptures rotate every year, meandering you through downtown Mankato. This is completely free and open year-round.

Historic Old Town is another beautiful area to explore and is where Hubbard Milling is located. Enjoy unique, local shops in the area, have a drink at the Wine Cafe, another historic building and if you time your visit right, eat from a food truck at the Food Hub, just up the street.

Visiting the Hubbard House in Mankato, MN

606 S. Broad Street | Mankato, MN | 56001

Note that the Hubbard House sits on a one-way street. Street parking is available along the front of the house.

Guided tours – tours are under 30 minutes, plan around 1 hour to take in the entire property.

Adults- $7 | Ages 5-17 $3 | 4 and under Free

Open Memorial Day through Labor Day and weekends in December

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