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How We Brunch at Tongue in Cheek

When Dusty and I travel we plan out all the spots to eat before we take off on our road trip. We like to be prepared! Using sights like Trip Advisor and our saved posts on Instagram, we never have to leave our foodie adventures to chance. Social media hinted that Tongue In Cheek has a small but flavorful vegan brunch menu. We knew that we wanted to check out the flavorful vegan brunch menu options at Tongue In Cheek in person- not just through social media!

We were in the area because we spent the weekend in Roseville, MN to tour local breweries with Kelly’s sister Stacy and our brother-in-law, Jason. Roseville really is “perfectly positioned” to Tongue In Cheek, just 10 miles away.  We booked a table on their website to ensure we could keep on our brewery tour schedule for the day. We booked our reservation for 10 am, right when they opened and we weren’t the only ones waiting! That’s a great sign to us.

How We Brunch Vegan at Tongue In Cheek

Flavorful Vegan brunch menu options Tongue In Cheek Cheek

Tongue in Cheek Brunch Special

Photo credit: Tongue in Cheek

How We Brunch Vegan at Tongue In Cheek

Our waitress, Riley, told us we would be very happy with the “How We Brunch” option which includes 2 teasers, an eye opener, an entree and a bottomless cup of coffee. We all chose the only 2 options that could be prepared vegan. Riley was right!

Eye Opener at Tongue In Cheek

We enjoyed the bloody Mary’s. They were amazing! The housemade pickles took them over the top.

Vegan brunch menu options at Tongue In Cheek


2 Teasers options

All 4 of us ordered the only 2 vegan teasers available. The Summer Blues & Mushroom Custard. O.M.G……they were both divine.

Who knew 1 single blueberry concoction could have so much flavor. The Summer Blues consisted of a single blueberry, basil, and peanuts in oil. It was divine. The Mushroom Custard was equally as insane (in a good way). The creamy mushroom custard was topped with fried enoki mushrooms providing a satisfying crunch with each bite. 

Vegan brunch menu options at Tongue In Cheek

Main Brunch Entree

Kelly and Stacy ordered the Endive Salad and Vegasm and split the two dishes. Jason & Dusty each ordered the Vegasm.

Everything we ate we collectively said “OMG”.  The presentation is gorgeous. Every bite was flavorful and delicious. Combinations we never could have dreamed up on our own.

Endive Salad

Frisee, pickled mustard, caper dressing. Amazing flavor!

Vegan brunch menu options at Tongue In Cheek


Seasonal ingredients + vegan = vegasm. Orichette pasta, peppers, chives, spinach, edamame and perhaps a sesame oil. It was incredibly tasty and satisfying.

Vegan brunch menu options at Tongue In Cheek

Brunch at Tongue In Cheek provided the perfect base to start our day of hitting up breweries in North East Minneapolis!

Tell us where your favorite spot for brunch is in the Twin Cities

Here are some photos to pin for the next time you need a great place to eat in St. Paul, MN!

Vegan Brunch at Tongue In Cheek- St. Paul, MNVegan Brunch at Tongue In Cheek- St. Paul, MN

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