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Enjoy a Cozy Christmas Getaway for Couples in Wichita

Looking for a way to relax and recharge during the busy holiday season? There are plenty of festive things to do in Wichita for couples to enjoy the holiday spirit. If you’re looking for Christmas date night ideas, grab your spouse or significant other and plan a road trip to Wichita, KS.

Festive Things to Do in Wichita for Couples

A Cozy Christmas Getaway for Couples in Wichita

We won a trip to Wichita at a Midwest Travel Conference earlier in the year. This trip fit into our schedule the week after Thanksgiving. We loved Wichita, and after this trip, we’ve decided that planning a cozy Christmas getaway might be our new holiday tradition.

We had never been to Wichita, and visiting during the holidays made it magical with all the lights and festivities. We know that we loved Wichita enough that we want to visit again.

If you’re looking for Christmas date night ideas, you want to put Wichita on your radar.

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Visit Wichita hosted our trip. The opinions shared about our visit solely belong to us.

What’s the weather in Wichita like in December?

In December, temperatures in Wichita range from the upper 40s to the low 50s. Coming from Minnesota, where we’re typically experiencing a white Christmas season, we consider these temps the perfect destination for a couple’s getaway to enjoy the holiday season. 

Festive Things to Do in Wichita for Couples

If you’re like us, maybe you haven’t planned a trip in the busy season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. After this trip to Wichita, we’re compelled to start a new tradition of a cozy Christmas getaway.

There are many festive things to do in Wichita for couples to celebrate the season’s spirit. So pack a bag and make it a weekend in Wichita. Maybe you’ll be inspired to start some new holiday traditions.  Save these ideas so you can plan your own cozy Christmas getaway.

Attend a Yuletide Cheer Mixology Class

Learning to make some holiday-themed cocktails at home with this Mixology class was a blast and a great way to get in the holiday spirit. The Shaken or Stirred Mixology experts hosted a mixology class with holiday-themed drinks.

We had so much fun; this is one of our top ideas for a Christmas date night in Wichita. We learned mixology skills, tips, and tricks to create the perfect cocktail at home. We also enjoyed the commentary and learning about the background of the styles of glasses used the liquors, and our drinks.

holiday cocktail mixology class Wichita

We were all set up to make three-holiday cocktails. This was an absolute blast. Even more fun is we were seated with some fun local ladies who gave us more ideas for things to do in Wichita.

holiday cocktail mixology class

The great news is that Shaken or Stirred Mixology hosts mixology events year-round. We recommend this class for things to do in Wichita for couples and groups of friends.

Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House

Tour the stunning Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House, decorated for Christmas from November 11 to December 31.

Henry and Elsie Allen commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design their house in College Hill in 1915. Three years later, they moved into their home, which Frank Lloyd Wright considered among his best and is the last Prairie House he designed. 

Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen House Wichita

A holiday visit will only inspire you to plan another visit during the summer months when you can see the garden in its glory, tended by local master gardeners, as well as the water garden filled with Koi fish.

The tasteful and minimal holiday decor style at FLW Allen House makes this house tour one of the highlights of festive things for couples to do in Wichita. It was a highlight of our trip to Wichita.

Here are some tips before you tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House. You can only take interior photos on the Grand Tour. We were not on the Grand Tour, so this is another reason to return to Wichita, as we’d love to have interior pictures.

P.S. Head to the Wichita State campus to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Corbin Center. Yes, there are two Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Wichita! 

Take a Romantic Stroll through Illuminations at Botanica

See why Illuminations Botanica is voted Top 10 Best Light Show in the country by USA Today. Coming from Minnesota, snow and Christmas lights go together (usually) like peanut butter and jelly. We loved walking through Illuminations with a light mist, taking in over 2 million lights, a 62-foot Christmas tree, and Christmas music. 

A walk-through of Illuminations will put any Grinch in the Christmas spirit. Grab a hot cocoa or adult beverage at various spots throughout Botanica and stroll at your own pace. 

Illuminations at Botanica run yearly from November 24 to December 30.

Check out the Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Mankato if you love award-winning Christmas light displays. It is another great road trip for a cozy Christmas getaway for couples.

Warm Up With Wassail at White Crow Cider Company

Put White Crow Cider Company on your list of Christmas Date Night Ideas in Wichita. We enjoyed a cup of Wassail. Wassail is a mulled cider served in a warm cup, and it was delicious. This is the perfect way to warm up after strolling through Illuminations at Botanica! 

What in the world is Wassail?

We’d heard of Wassail but never tried it before and didn’t know much about it. This led us down a fascinating rabbit hole of research. The Old Norse tradition of Wassail was a different experience, depending on your lot in life.  

Wassail is an ancient English Yuletide drinking ritual that ensured a good harvest the following year. 

Old Norse is the language of the Vikings. It’s still spoken today by Icelanders in a more modern style. The language of the Viking Age is the source of many English words and is the parent version of modern Scandinavian languages- Icelandic, Faros, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.  

What is the Christmas and New Year Tradition of Wassailing

The wealthier households would fill a large bowl with a spiced ale called lambswool. The head of the household would raise this bowl to their guests and toast them. The bowl would then be passed around the room for everyone to drink from.

The poorer or less wealthy households would take a large empty bowl from door-to-door on New Year’s Eve, singing “wassail songs” to the residents of these houses and asking for something to put in the bowl. This could be spiced ale, food, or money. Read more about these wassail traditions here

This is all to say that you should try a cup of Wassail at White Crow Cider Company. It’s the perfect way to warm up. The taproom is lovely and is a cozy way to end a great evening in Wichita. 

Follow the Rabbit to the Land of Wonder at Sedgwick County Zoo

Yes, this is a family-friendly event, but couples can plan to enjoy this one-of-a-kind light display. This is a cool and unique thing to do for a Christmas date night idea. This year’s theme was Alice in Wonderland and an Asian theme. The colors are so vibrant and are unlike any other holiday light display. 

You will get your steps in meandering through the entire zoo, taking in the story of Alice in Wonderland. Based on the large crowd during our visit, this is one of the top holiday events in Wichita, though it didn’t feel overly crowded as we walked the Wild Lights Display. 

If you want to impress your date, book a Wild Lights golf cart tour. Enjoy a festive drink and snack as you are chauffeured around the Zoo to take in Wild Lights’ bright, vibrant colors. 

Look for Christmas Lights In the Douglas Design District and Delano District

Take in murals, restaurants, breweries, local shopping, and more as you drive through these two distinct downtown Wichita districts. It’s always fun to see the twinkling lights of a bustling downtown during the holidays. 

trains downtown wichita

Have a Flight with Your Gnomie at Hopping Gnome Brewery

Enjoy a beer flight with your gnomie (get it) at Hopping Gnome Brewery. There’s something about the red elves hat a gnome wears that is always festive. Sit on the comfy couch or chairs next to the Christmas tree and enjoy a beer flight with your date.

flight at hopping gnome brewery

Where to Stay For a Cozy Christmas Getaway in Wichita

We suggest making a weekend of your cozy Christmas getaway for couples and booking a room at The Hilton Garden Inn-Downtown, an excellent hotel option if you plan to spend the night. The downtown location is perfectly situated for all of the activities we shared. This hotel has a higher-end feel with beautiful decor. 

Take a night swim at the rooftop pool overlooking Douglas Street. Swim into the little dome off the side of the hotel for a truly unique view of Douglas Street. Cozy next to the fireplace, or grab some seating off the pool.

Click here for more hotel options in Wichita. 

rooftop pool hilton garden inn downtown wichita

Create an Unforgettable Holiday Experience in Wichita, KS

We’re pretty confident our weekend getaway to Wichita during Christmas is the start of a new tradition for us. It was so fun to get out of our element and enjoy a new city during the holidays. 

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