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Fantastic Lunch at Mill Valley Kitchen- Minneapolis

The thing we LOVE about Trip Advisor is the ability to be in any random part of town and you can find just the type of restaurant that you’re looking for, given whatever set of circumstances you’re dealing with (quick lunch, fancy, healthy, etc.).

We were shopping in the St. Louis Park area and wanted to grab something quick but good and not fast food.  I like to sort by reviews so we can easily find the top rated spot to grab a bite.

That’s how we happened upon Mill Valley Kitchen, right off of excelsior blvd.

We were NOT disappointed in any way, shape or form and it’s the kind of place that you can’t make a bad menu choice.

Valet parking, personable staff from the hostess to the waitress. I didn’t get pictures of it but the kitchen is very visible from the dining area and you can watch the chefs plate the food and see the fire oven, etc. Super comfy tables and chairs with a beautiful, classy ambiance.
The menu is ” Fine Dining with a NorCal Inspiration”.

From MillValleyKitchen.com: Mill Valley Kitchen is a restaurant and bar featuring Northern California inspired cuisine served in a comfortable and refined setting. We use fresh, local and sustainably sourced ingredients to create our menu, and we include nutritional information for each menu item. Our light and flavorful cuisine is designed to enhance the healthy lifestyles of our guests.

Our wine list features great by-the-glass and bottle selections from Napa, Sonoma, and other regions of California, as well as outstanding wines from OR and WA. Many of our wines have connections to Minnesota through the winery’s owner and/or winemaker, and all are made with sustainable practices.

We also offer a variety of specialty cocktails and local craft beers. Non-alcoholic options include a unique and creative list of naturally refreshing drinks and smoothies.

You know the water is going to taste good when it’s served in one of these glass carafe’s, and it was so fresh! As a matter of fact, it’s freshly distilled on-site and is just the perfect drinking temperature. Also it’s served in beautiful glasses you would expect to drink out of at someone’s home not in a restaurant. Very nice touch!

Mill Valley Kitchen Water


This sandwich was just perfect bread was crunchy but doesn’t tear up the roof of your mouth, if you know what I’m saying! The combo of fig jam and cheese was totally perfect. The salad was so good would love to know (and should have asked) what kind of dressing it had a very nice vinaigrette garlic flavor but not too much.

Smoked Chicken, brie & fig jam Sandwich

Smoked chicken, brie & fig jam

These pickles were so thinly sliced- I don’t normally go for a bread & butter pickle, but again, just like everything else on the plate it was perfect!!
thinly sliced pickles & fresh salad

The flatbread pizza was really good and it was hard to decide which one to order. The tomato, basil and mozzarella was divine- just a bit of flavorful sauce and the toppings were the star of the show for sure!
Flatbed with fresh mozzarella and basil

We were totally stuffed and ready to pay the bill and then the waitress brought the dessert menu- who can say no to dessert? Certainly not us! We opted for a 3-bite Carrot Cake and it was just the cutest little thing ever, especially with the 2 mini spoons. Creamy frosting, a delicious bite of candied ginger and pistachio nuts as garnishes.
Mill Valley Kitchen Dessert

The meal was absolutely delightful and we’ll be back!

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