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How to Order Vegan Pizza at a Non-Vegan Restaurant

After completing the Hard Hat Tour at New Glarus Brewery, we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading to Madison for the night. Since going vegan, or as we prefer to say, whole-foods, plant-based, we’ve become more comfortable with making requests to have our meals modified when we’re eating out. With a few modifications, it’s possible to eat a vegan pizza at a non-vegan pizza joint. Just ask for the changes that your diet requires! Dusty and I prefer to do some  ...

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Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm in Waseca, MN

We went with friends to the Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm in Waseca, MN and had the most delightful experience. A couple of winding dirt roads take you there and once you pull up, it’s the most simple and quite frankly, pleasant farm you could imagine. See what I did there? (Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm). A super cute and simple farm setting makes for just a delightful outdoor dining experience on a ‘clean farm’. This means you take your garbage with you when you leave. Upon  ...

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